Captive Rebel

“‘I may be an Allegiant, and you a rebel, but those are only meaningless words in the grand scheme of things. They don’t determine who we are.’”

-Erin McDermott, Captive Rebel

Are you a Rebel or a part of the Allegiant? Imagine that you are a rebel spy living in the royal palace as the prince is being held captive; and now he’s headed home earlier than expected. Now you must run before you are caught or risk yours and your parent’s lives. Erin McDermott, author of Captive Rebel, takes you on a wild chase and captivity as you follow Marylyn O’Conner on her journey away from the Allegiants.

Marylyn O’Conner is a Rebel spy living in the royal palace and the prince, Ariston is to arrive any day. But when the princess threatens that he will be home sooner than later, Marylyn must leave immediately or be caught. She leaves with her fellow spies but right behind them is the prince. Prince Ariston makes it his mission to find the Rebel spies and therefore captures Marylyn. Read the book to find out the ending!

I would recommend this book to any readers that like Young Adult Fantasy & Romance. It is a quick read as the book is really easy to follow. At some moments I felt like it was going too quickly and wanted more detail, plot and character building. McDermott’s writing is in my opinion, similar to Sarah J. Maas. As this is the first book in The Allegiance series, the second book, Immortal Rebel, will be released November 4th, 2017. I will most likely be following this series as I enjoyed reading this book.

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