The Siren Chronicles

“He smiled, knowing that Lorelei responded first with her heart, then allowed her mind to catch up.”

-Douglas J. Sloan, The Siren Chronicles

Three stunning Sirens on a quest to save their oceans and its inhabitants walk on land for the first time. The Siren Chronicles, written by Douglas J. Sloan, is a story split three ways by three very diverse Sirens and the journey they make individually and together that could save their watery world and ours. Although this book was an easy read and quick to get through, I had some difficulty with it as it didn’t fully reach my expectations.

Seanne the warrior, Lorelei the singer, and Millisine the intellectual, all Sirens but all very different, are sent on a mission that will help them save the world of Oceanna. The only problem is they will not know what it is they are seeking until they find it. When they first come upon a horrible oil spill and get split up, this is only the beginning of their problems. Facing each of her own difficulties, the three Sirens must find each other and discover their quest or return home and suffer the consequences of the deaths of the merfolk. Can they each survive their trials and find each other in time?

I am hesitant to give this book 3 stars, so maybe I would give it 2.5 stars instead. Don’t get me wrong, this book did have some good moments; I enjoyed all three of the Sirens’ personalities and their points of view as it switched throughout the book. The biggest issue I had with it is that the climax was so short and not very big or exciting. I feel like I could have missed it if I wasn’t paying attention or waiting for it. I hope that the following books in the series make up for what was lacking in this book and make it all worth the wait.

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