Wicked Like a Wildfire

“’Love makes us even brighter than we are, until the gleam grows into a roman candle, impossible to contain. Everyone can see us shine with it, then, and it’s the nature of the human beast to fear what it doesn’t understand.’”

Lana Popović, Wicked Like a Wildfire

What would you do with the power to influence beauty in the world around you? If you are anything like me and love stories with many details that it drags you right in, this is a great book for you. Wicked Like a Wildfire, written by Lana Popović, is an engrossing tale that hooked me from the beginning with her descriptions of the world around two twins and their mother.

Twins, Iris and Malina, each have a different gleam, a power that manipulates the beauty around them. Their mother forbids them using their gleams and tells them to keep it secret and above all else, not to fall in love, as their lives could be put into danger. The story follows Iris, who has the gleam of making kaleidoscopes from the objects around her, mainly flowers. When the twin’s mother is attacked, it is up to them to learn of her past and make a future for themselves with that knowledge.

This book definitely captures the world, set in modern day Montenegro, and describes everything with such feeling and detail. I have read other’s reviews which stated that they disliked how detailed Wicked Like a Wildfire was, but it made the setting pop up around me and see, smell, hear and want to touch everything Popović described. The pages flew by as I was enthralled by the book and the surprise twists and turns it took. I would recommend this book to those who love magic, witches, captivating details, and of course, love.

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